Setting yourself up for success.



You might be looking  forward to the adventure of high school with great anticipation ….yet feel stressed by the transition. What can you do in making this transition easier and more successful?

High School -Advocate for yourself!!!!” ~ It is important not to lose sight of the most important goal of high school and that is to Advocate for yourself……if you don’t understand something or feel confused….ask questions!!! Participate in your learning as you prepare for adult life, college and beyond. In all of your planning, preparing and organizing….have fun!!!!!! We want to make sure that you tie today’s activities with the future goal of graduating high school, preparing for college and pursuing your passion & your career choice.

Seek out your advisor, school counselor, parent/family member or trusted adult to help you as you navigate through your high school journey! ????

Memorize your class schedule ~  Use the school map and mentally visualize the route to all of your classes.  Remember, passing period is four minutes long, so plan your route and bathroom breaks accordingly.

Use technology or a planner to get organized ~ Probably the single most critical thing you can to do to help get the school year started out right is to make a plan to be organized for success.  Many students often struggle with the paper/project shuffle.   Keeping track of each teacher’s expectations, homework assignments, upcoming tests and projects can be an overwhelming first experience.   Type your assignments into your cell phone in the notes app daily, take a photo of the daily assignment to track daily work or use a daily planner to write down the h.w. objective and assignment for each period of the day.  As you develop your organizational skills you will find success from your efforts!!! Teachers also may have monthly calendars and grades posted on our school website/Synergy web site.

Keeping Track of Homework ~  I have talked to many frustrated parents who have spent an entire evening helping their son or daughter with a homework assignment that ends up never being turned in the next day!  It is a very enlightening experience for parents when we open up their teen’s locker to have a cascade of finished and unfinished work fall out to the floor of the hallway.  Or have the student dump out their backpack  in the counselor’s office to find wads of crumpled work stuck in every corner and pocket that was never turned in to their teacher.  Creating a system for keeping track of work due and completed work is often the single difference between success and failure in a class. Make  a HOMEWORK folder clearly marked “Homework to Do” on the inside left of the folder and “Homework to Turn In” on the inside right of the folder. This system helps students to have homework in one location instead of stuffed between dividers in their binder or in other pockets.

Show Up! Be engaged & UNPLUG! Being all there, present in the moment!  Set your alarm in the morning – being in school everyday helps you stay on track and connected with your teachers, friends and school responsibilities. Unplug from texting & social media while in class – participate in your learning! ????

Be true to yourself most of all – Strive to be the “Best Version of yourself” – You are Worth it!!!!



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